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15 Storage Units Advantages You Should know

If you’re one of those people that loves decorating for the holidays or when the season changes, a storage unit is a great idea to save space. Keeping season items stowed away until the next time around can save a ton of space in your home. Everything you need is all in one, uncluttered area. So, be comfortable in your home by renting one.Here you can find  storage units jersey city .If you live near Jersey City.

 1.It isSecure:
Having your items in a secure, protected and convenient location is just one of that many reasons storage units are popular. Storage One units have state-of-the-art security for its tenants. Some of our locations even have security surveillance cameras, ensuring your unit is being watched 24/7.

2.Efficient :
With self-storage units, it gives you the opportunity to come whenever needed and how often for your items. Having your items all in one places gives you the peace of mind that all your belongings have their place. There’s no worry to have to dig through countless items to get the one you want. With self-storage units, you know exactly where everything is.

3.Personal :
No matter how big or small your items are, we have a storage solution for you. Our storage units come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you can get the unit that fits your needs.

Looking for a storage unit for your items? Contact the team at Storage One today. We can help find the best storage unit for your needs!

4.If you have retired:

Many people decide to sell their home in order to travel after retirement. If you plan on travelling after retirement, a self storage unit is a great place to keep the sentimental items you don’t wish to sell. In this specific case, retiring may mean downsizing your living situation. Whether you need to store an entire home or just a few boxes, there are a wide variety of units to meet your unique needs.

5.Need to store goods for winter:

If you live in an area with harsh winter weather conditions, it is a good idea to protect your yard equipment and outdoor furniture. Consider an indoor self storage unit if you have items that are sensitive to weather changes or damage.

6.If You are a frequent traveler:

Your job may require you to travel often or you may travel for recreation. If you have bulky items that are too inconvenient to take every time you leave home, consider storing them. With a self storage unit, you can leave your valuable items and know they will be protected while you are gone.

7.When you have to declutter your home

If your belongings are taking over and making it hard to walk through your house comfortably, renting a self storage unit can help. A spacious and organized living space will make you feel more comfortable and happier about your home. for your sports or hobby equipment:

A passion for one or more hobbies might be an important part of your life. If you have bulky sports equipment that is only used during part of the year, a self storage unit can keep it safe. You can even store some sport vehicles in a storage facility, but be sure to verify all regulations and laws before doing this.


Before you move to a smaller space, you might want to rent a self storage unit. This convenient space can hold your belongings while you decide what you need to get rid of and what will fit into your smaller home. You can keep the self storage unit even after you have moved if you do not have enough room to hold everything you own. If you have furniture and valuables that you do not want to sell or give away, consider placing them in a self storage unit.

  1. Protection

Your goods have very little chance of getting wet, damaged from being moved around or be affected with any potential condensation. With your self storage unit being held within a clean warehouse you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe from the outside elements.

  1. Space

There are a number of different sizes and any self storage provider should be able to identify what size of unit would be better for your needs. You can get exactly the right amount of space you need to store all your belongings so you don’t have to pay any extra rent for additional space that you no longer require.

  1. Access

Self-contained self storage units should be very convenient for you to access; all you need to do is unlock the padlock. Other self storage solutions (vertically stacked wooden boxes) require a forklift to move boxes around to get to your items, and this can be time consuming and inconvenient.

Ideally you want to access your unit quickly, uplift what you require and get on with your day.

  1. Flexibility

Our policy is that if you no longer require your self storage unit, you stop paying for it and it’s that simple. You don’t have to give any notice period or advance warning as such – you decide when you no longer need storage and that’s that. Some companies can tie you into contracts, but you want to be able to part ways when you no longer need the storage, and without a hefty cancelation fee.

I hope you have found this article useful and see the benefits of using a self-contained self storage unit compared to alternatives.

I wish you all the best finding the right storage solution for you.

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