January 19, 2019 Costume contact lenses: Dos and Don'ts

Costume contact lenses: Dos and Don’ts

A costume contact lens is an amazing final touch up in your Halloween Costume. Our eyes are one of those very first things people notice about us. So, it becomes essential when you are going to dress up like someone or something else. A paired contact lens makes you a more convincing zombie. Or you can match your eye colour with someone you want to impersonate. But before you go to the market in search of your perfect pair of costume contact lenses, you should keep some things in mind. And if you are looking for some great discounts at eyewear, then visit Dealvoucherz now!

  • Costume contact lenses are medical devices: – Before you go to find your perfect pair of contact lenses, always keep in mind that costume contact lenses are also medical devices. Selling contact lenses without a prescription is illegal in the US. So, if a vendor is selling you lenses without a prescription, that’s your RED Alert. That means a STOP sign. Ignore your impulse of getting the cheapest contact lenses pair, or you could end up being in deep trouble. A suspiciously low-price tag means the vendor may have cut some corners important for eye safety. You may think that it will not harm your eyes in one day, but eyes are more sensitive than anything you can imagine.
  • Why are prescriptions important?

  Prescriptions for buying a pair of contact lenses are not all about following the law. It is also essential for your eye’s health and safety too. A prescription tells your vendor exactly what corrections your eyesight needs. It also tells the vendor about your eye’s unique measurements. Our eyes are NOT all the same size.

Without a proper prescription, you may receive a lens with a poor fit. That can cause inflammation, infection and more such problems to the cornea and the eyelids. And all these just because the fit is the only problem. Vendors MUST KEEP THESE LENSES STERILE or the risk of corneal ulcers and infections like pink eye becomes greater.


  1. Choose perfect lenses: – choose great motifs of coloured lenses with prescriptions. Choose lenses that will perfectly go with the character you are personifying.
  2. Costume and make up: – make a great costume and makeup. Find perfect makeup and costumes from the internet and make a mark at Halloween.
  3. Blink: – blinking is essential. Regular and complete blinking will help you keep your lenses moist and clean.
  4. Perfect timings: – always put your lenses on before applying any makeup and take it out before removing the makeup.
  5. Remove immediately if your eyes feel irritated and you feel discomfort and pain.


  1. Be selfish: – Do not share it with your friends or family, or anyone else. Doctors say that by sharing your contacts, you could maximize the chances of spreading eye diseases like corneal ulcers or infections like pink eye. Also, just like toothbrushes or underwear, contact lenses are personal items too.
  2. Don’t overuse: – DO NOT OVERUSE YOUR LENSES. Your doctor will educate you on proper times to use it. But if you are still in doubt, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Do not drive with your Halloween costume contact lenses: – Do not drive with your Halloween costume contacts. Your crazy contact lenses can cover your pupil cause vision impairment. So, don’t use your contacts while driving.
  4. Don’t sleep wearing contact lenses overnight: – DO NOT SLEEP OVERNIGHT wearing your CONTACT LENSES. It can irritate, lenses can get misaligned, or even worse, it can cause permanent eye damage. So NEVER sleep overnight with your lenses on. If you do, consult your doctor as fast as possible.
  5. Don’t pick up lenses from anywhere just because they are cheap as they can be unhealthy for your eyes. Only order from authorized retailers.
  6. Do not “top off” solution. Just use fresh solutions and don’t mix fresh solutions with the old ones.

Costume contact lenses: Dos and Don'ts

  Now, if you’re thinking, there are a lot of precautions and don’ts always remember your costume contacts deals with one of the most sensitive organs of your body. So, it’s better to follow all these rules if you don’t want to ruin your Halloween party. Have a happy and safe Halloween.

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