Valves have become a vital part of our lives. Ranging from top-rise buildings to shops, from area probes to nuclear plants, from airplanes to your vehicle, you will find valves performing their normal functions almost everywhere. The full plumbing systems are dependent on valves, and so, it is very important to pick the best valves to save costs and most vital of all, to keep lives.

When it comes to picking valves, American firms are very preferred. Actually, the American valve producing firms supply over thirty-five of international demand. Dedication to providing standard products of high regards for safety are the best reasons for this phenomenal victory.

A few more factors for their popularity

Very dependable

The full range of plumbing valves is certified by the state verified authorities such as ANSI/NFS standard 61 and California Proposition 65. Thus, firms carrying these accreditations are considered most dependable and reliable.

Superior product

Design by American valve firms promises superior stability and operation in body design. Their items are very resistant to corrosion, very durable, and provide a real valve for the money. Subsequently, they get a superior edge over their international competitors.

Safest products

American firms design and watch plumbing valves to curtail the impact of chemicals on the health and safety of humans and atmosphere. This makes them the reliable and safest for plumbing items, especially valves.

These valves surpass the ISO 9000 standard test to make sure standard without compromise. They make items, which fulfill all needs and daily requirements of the plumbing sector, be it for top-rise buildings or anyplace else where plumbing is needed.

These American produced valves quickly decrease the water flow to reject scalding, when warm water reaches unsafe temperatures. Upon chilling of the water in the pipeline (generally thirty seconds), the water flows mechanically re-starts. Such is the consistency of American produced valve products.


Best customer support in the industry

Besides the general products, the American firm’s purchase valve from KP-LOK and the full industry employ 30,000 directly in supporting jobs, and the number is rising, quickly. In April 2015 alone, approximately 223,000 more jobs were included. Hence, American valve firms also have a moral backing besides providing standard products to global customers.

American valve

American valve is dedicated to offering dependable services and products of the highest standards. Combining over hundred years of experience with creative research and nonstop product development makes American valves an industry monster. 4000 flanged ball valves series are a direct replacement for plug and gate valves in a big range of apps. Accessible in cast iron (4000 and 3700), stainless steel (4001) and ductile iron (4000D), all valves spec patented Teflon-fused ball valves to big diagram valves and diameter butterfly. American valve also provides turn-key automation packages direct to the factory. It provides its product through a network of distributors and wholesalers, and retailers. The firm was founded in 1988 and is based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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